Optional Vanilla Water Shader

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Re: Optional Vanilla Water Shader

Post by PoodleSandwich » 07 Nov 2018, 09:14

Perhaps I'm not the best person to be making this point because:

1. I prefer the vanilla shader (so I might be kinda of bias)
2. I also like the scrawls shader (so it's not like I'm desperate to see it changed)
3. I totally understand that there are much more important things to put development time into

So even if someone who hated the vanilla shader came here to make the same point as me, I'd still probably back you guys up because of point 3.

I do believe, in theory, that the proper thing would be to re-create the vanilla look of the game even if other things were subjectively and/or technically better because otherwise where does that end? the answer is, "it doesn't/shouldn't" for modders (especially not thanks to this amazing re-making of the engine from the ground up!), but I think it should be up to modders and mod users to make changes to the way the game looks, and have the default available to players straight "out of the box".

* However * I'm in danger of sounding like I'm getting sore about it, I really do understand that there are bigger fish to fry, I guess I just hope that the option for vanilla water can be something that eventually (some day) makes it into OpenMW natively so that new time players, or players who've played since the beginning can experience a more stable, multi-platform, future-proof Morrowind for decades to come, that looks the way it originally looked, and a little bit of gaming history is preserved.

Nice to hear about dynamic normal mapping btw :)

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Re: Optional Vanilla Water Shader

Post by CaptainCosmotic » 31 Mar 2019, 16:35

Hey, ist there some progress with a vanilla water shader?
I'm not capable of any programing language but I'm stubborn and like to tinker alot so if there ist some work to, like taking special screenshots of the landscape for the "fake" reflecting effect, I would be happy to help.

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