Distant view implementation and hello!

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Distant view implementation and hello!

Post by Ravenwing » 02 Jan 2016, 21:06

Hey everyone! So I've been lurking around here for a couple months now after finding out about the project through a friend, but first I just wanted to say what an incredible job you've all done! I can already tell its far improved over the original game. I started a new game through MGSO about the same time I started a game in 0.37 OMW and the MGSO version is already showing signs of the usual instability, while OMW is running (relatively) flawlessly. I do have a few questions/suggestions about possible features that I think would greatly benefit the project if implemented. I'll separate them into different posts so it doesn't become totally confusing talking about different features. They all pretty much fall under the post-1.0 release category, but here goes.

The first is a question about the scope of distant lands implementation. I know scrawl has been working a lot on reimplementing what was present before the OSG port and he was planning on doing more. Are you planning on fully implementing a system like MGE where statics are generated so the game can more easily process longer distances? If so, is there going to be some sort of handling for activators in the distance beyond what MGE uses (ie, it either renders or does not render activators)? I found it extremely immersion breaking to have such simple handling because if activators are disabled and then enabled through a quest, they would either be viewable from a distance before they are supposed to be, or there would be pop-ins for either case. An example would be the Great House strongholds, which are “built” during the game.

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