Sheathing Weapons

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Sheathing Weapons

Post by Sandman101 » 05 Aug 2015, 03:43

I have been working a longtime to get a full sysem for sheathing weapons into Morrowind.
I have noticed something in the CS that i have some questions about.
First off, we know that there are a finite about of spaces for weapons to be added to be visible. It usually requires taking up a slot like groin/skirt, clavicle/pauldron, etc...

I have noticed in the MW CS that if you open any piece of armor and go to the Biped Object there is a "weapon" selection.
However there is no corresponding body part.

Would it be possible to complete this feature?
It would make it much simpler to implement sheathing as a mod or even build it in.

Thank you so much for all the work and love you have put into this project!!!!

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