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Character Profiles

Post by Tarius » 09 Dec 2012, 00:33

This is decidedly a post 1.0 feature.
Character profiles.
Basically the ability to save your character and import it into a new game.

Not much else to it. You would simply save it and then when you wanted to start a game, you could start with everything in your inventory etc. This would need to include the ability to mark certain items as quest specific so they are not carried along to the next mission.(obviously, the player would still need to have meshes around for any kind of custom objects they might be carrying)

Upon first glance, this doesnt have much use. However, upon seeing the newest thread about the example suite, I thought of a game called Blades of Exile that has exactly this feature. Basically, you had a modding community for this game that would create individual scenarios that your party could play through(this one had 6 people in a party and you could equip them as you saw fit, etc)
Considering the amount of material out there and the ease with which people will be able to create entirely new worlds that have nothing to do ith Elder Scrolls, I can definitely see individual scenarios popping up if the ability to export your characters exists.
This would allow people to do scenario quest lines for beginner, medium, and high level characters without needing to really be mindful of anything else as they are making the world from scratch. The other thing this allows is the ability for smaller areas to play around in rather than having whole worlds and subcontinents; this allows for less work on the part of the modder. Obviosuly though, longer scenarios would probably be more popular compared to smaller ones.
I am a bigger fan of tons of control rather than taking the "user-friendly" approach.

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