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Map Markers

Post by Tarius » 08 Sep 2012, 22:56

Someone mentioned map markers in the bethsoft thread and i figured I would post here since I hadnt seen it before(or remember seeing it).

Not so much map markers as the ability to add them.
Heres what I suggest. You have the standard markers in by default. However, these can be switched out. I would suggest adding an entry in the .esx files and the like that specifies an icon that can be used as a map marker for a given location.(it would be changed while using the CS) In addition I would think that a text file could possibly be used that is able to over ride any location by name, although that might just be tedious; however, it would allow someone to quickly come in and specify icons for places all over MW without the need to actually go in and edit the esm file.
I am a bigger fan of tons of control rather than taking the "user-friendly" approach.

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