Rethinking the Example Suite

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Re: Rethinking the Example Suite

Post by desttinghim »

Any more thoughts on the Waste's Edge idea? I am new here, but I think remaking a previous open license game is good idea. Especially one with a non-combat focus - Morrowind's combat system is not nearly as interesting (at least to me) as it's dialogue system. I am planning on playing through Waste's Edge to see what it offers, so I'll post something when I finish with that.

Having an openly licensed example is important in my eyes. Right now, people are unable to do anything with OpenMW if they do not have Morrowind. Once this example suite is finished (or even just started) that will change.
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Re: Rethinking the Example Suite

Post by unelsson »

I suggest we make Example Suite as a modular thing, where we combine various good ideas. Whoever has time to work on something begins to work on whatever fancies. These sub-projects may proceed on their own phase. We will post links to all assets here, and at some point, work will be combined to Example Suite. When combining these, we make the final Example Suite balanced so that there's a broad representation of themes in the final product.

For example, we could choose to have four "worlds", one fantasy, one scifi, one horror and one for ponies in candyland. But in order to get these things done, we choose to develop those that have active developers.

Listing of ideas I found so far:

I found following ideas from this thread: Kingdom of Man (Arthurian?, Deadwood? original DestinedToDie's work?), MikeMXeller's murder mystery idea, Waste's Edge, Lovecraftian mystery, co-op experience

Bliaron 2nd Ed.

List of various asset sources

Robert E. Howard's (1906-1936) works (note: there are also later copyrighted and trademarked Conan-related works that should not be infringed)

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Re: Rethinking the Example Suite

Post by psi29a »

The was the original plan, start small and kind of build off one thing at a time, similar to how TR works.
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