Design doc 2.0 (don't read)

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Design doc 2.0 (don't read)

Post by DestinedToDie » 09 Apr 2017, 10:24

Design doc 1.0 was a pitch, but here I'm going to go into the more technical boring part with spoilers. This is mainly for developers who want to get an idea of where we're going with development.

Whiteford. Mostly complete, just need interiors and maybe some dummies. Guard set.

Peasant village. 1 house for all peasants + tavern. + interiors. Peasant clothes.

Deadwood. Surrounding everything. A couple variations of trees rotated differently.

Church. Interior + gravetomb + graveyard fence. Skeletons. Father.

Those are all the areas we're going to do up until ES version 1.0. The idea is to take it small and continue to another area once we are fully done. We will have low standards for the first area so that we can more easily reach 1.0. Although it doesn't seem much, we also need player animations, misc objects for interiors, consumables, possibly creatures. I'm choosing to simply do the exteriors first, then work on other stuff later.

The picking order will probably be:

1. Exteriors.
2. Player anim, creatures
3. Weapons, armor, clothing.
4. Consumables, items.
5. NPCing, quests.
6. Interiors (NPCs will stand outside before this)
7. Exterior polish, detailing.

It is quite possible that we will not get land texture editing in OpenMW-CS on the way to ES 1.0. It is also very possible that we will not get snap to grid, which means interiors we make in the near future will be non-modular.

This is a loosely lovecraftian story with humor. The player begins by falling down from the sky. It is not mentioned or noticed by anyone ingame, but there is actually an UFO high above the starting location and the player is an alien sent to earth to thwarth the plans of the old gods. Player will still act as a normal human tho.

Praised by the fort wizard, the player is hailed as the hero of the prophecy by all peasants. When approaching the gate (which is railed) a guard will tell you that no peasants are allowed. If you choose to tell him that you are the hero, then the gate rail is raised (with a script that moves it). After meeting the master of the fort, he sends you off on a quest to pick up a very important mystery item in a tower.

After picking up a completely mundane item, an antagonist forcegreets the player and asks if he's an errand boy. The player may deny it, but the antagonist asks "are you fetching the master's mundane item?" and the player's tongue is caught. Returning to the village, all of the peasants will no longer regard you as the hero, instead they call you the master's errand boy, argue that as you may. Even the wizard says that he read the stars wrong or something. Upon approaching the gate guard he tells you that no peasants are allowe-... oh wait, you're the master's errand boy. Go right ahead and finish your errand (script moves the gate railing). For your serving you are rewarded 2 gold coins as a reward and suggested that you could spend it in the tavern.

If you go to the tavern then everyone laughs at you and won't take you seriously. You will also learn that they have all succumbed to Cthulhu or something and are going to soon kill every nonworshipper. They don't mind telling you this because they don't think you're even a threat, the father is the leader behind the coming attack. So you are prompted to go visit the church to see if it's true and the Father is an obvious deadie with white eyes and a dead man's breath pretending like he has no idea what you're talking about. Go visit the graveyard to find an entire army gearing up for an attack.

When you return to Whiteford, nobody believes you on this except maybe the wizard. But it is already too late and the fort is attacked. Defend off the undead attack and you are hailed as the true hero once again and you even get a peasant girl.

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Re: Design doc 2.0 (don't read)

Post by psi29a » 11 Apr 2017, 14:10

I like this, it is straight forward and to the point with just the right size to get started. In addition to this, it isn't on an Island! ;)

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