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OpenMW's very own demo, template and game to show off everything that OpenMW is capable of.

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Re: Design doc

Post by testman » 25 Mar 2017, 11:22

DestinedToDie wrote:
Edit: I think I found out just how free Dink is. ... ce-License


Do NOT use this source to release "Dink 2" or "SuperDink" or any kind of sequel to the original Dink
Smallwood. Releasing this source does not in any way release the rights to the Dink name or Dink media.
non-profit improvements to the Dink engine are ok, as listed above, otherwise, you need your own name,
story and artwork. (in which case you can charge for it and pretty much do what you want)"

So that's freeware for you. What I could do is play Dink and make something in the spirit of it. Of course, the story, the characters, the artwork has to be different from Dink.
Nice find. I didn't know that before.
In that case, I am excited to see in which way you will take your story and setting.

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Re: Design doc

Post by TimMB » 28 Jul 2017, 18:11

Have you thought of making something small but representative? The story plot of FLARE could be reimplemented in openMW. All of FLARES art and sound can also be reused. This would provide a few dungeons a few boss fights and since the layout is defined in flare a decent starting point to simply recreate it. It is not a whole lot of game hours but it is something that could be built out rather quickly by volunteers into a playable state. That could then offer future modder expansions. Enemies are pretty basic, skeletons, zombies, wizards, spiders etc.

The starting sequence is even Elder scrolls like, you start in a small village with a few tasks and not much for wealth etc. It could be changed to starting from a shipwreck or prison release etc. Something like prisoners are sent to re-establish colonies on a hostile landmass would work out well with what flare has built up already.

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