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Application: falconson

Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 01:37
by falconson
My name is Oleg. I am currently a university student in programming. After several years of studying I'm looking for any way to earn real life experience, and seeing as I have some free time in between semesters I'd like to help.
I know C,C++. can write in assembly if that would help in any way, learned thread management, dug around in OpenGL and SFML a while ago, but don't know them that well.

If anyone could point me where I could help best, I'd be ready to dedicate some time, at least until fall. I'm not very picky, so I could do simple bug fixing either.

Re: Application: falconson

Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 10:45
by psi29a
Hello and welcome aboard!

The wiki is the best place to catch up on any questions you have about like setting up a dev environment, archetcure, project/coding guidelines.. ... ment_Setup ... _Standards

Our issue tracker is here:

feel free to look for ones with the label Beginner. That should help get your feet wet and get into our MR process.

We use SDL2 instead of SFML and OpenGL knowledge is a plus but most things are handled by OSG for us.