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Application: Madsbuvi

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 16:32
by madsbuvi

I'm a full time software dev, primarily C++, who has played way too much Morrowind.
Simply put: I'm interested in adding support for VR to Morrowind.

Evidently complete support including swinging your sword around and pulling your bow is a massive job and won't even be on the list to begin with.
The first iteration will simply be prototyping the stereographic view and playtesting that with my own Oculus Rift. Which unto itself is a significant job, with integrating control of actor movement as well as user interfaces and menus.

I'm fairly new to OpenMW beyond having played Morrowind on your engine in the past. I wouldn't mind solving smaller issues as well, particularly any that contribute to familiarity with relevant code, but i would most like to spend coding time on VR.

Re: Application: Madsbuvi

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 19:21
by AnyOldName3
There are problems with VR right now that aren't technical, but are still problematic. Simply put, the only mainstream VR API that's compatible with OpenMW's GPL licence is OpenXR, and OpenXR doesn't support the headsets people actually have yet. You can do stuff locally with (the poorly-named) OpenVR or the Occulus SDK, but it's not actually legal to publish any of what you've done if you do.

Re: Application: Madsbuvi

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 19:56
by madsbuvi
OpenXR is the plan. I should've specified that.
OculusVR has preliminary support for OpenXR implemented and ships it with their driver, and according to this article said support is fairly complete, although for now the user has to setup the registry keys themselves to access said implementation. Hopefully by the time my/our implementation gets far enough to be considered something to push to any kind of release, most VR vendors will have caught up.