Application: AnnoyingNoob

Join the team. This area is for people who want to participate in OpenMW's development in one way or another.
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Application: AnnoyingNoob

Post by AnnoyingNoob » 23 Jan 2018, 23:33

Hey! I'm a 17 year old web developer. I'm familiar with Mongo/Node, HTML/CSS, and React. Honestly, I have no experience in C++ but I'm slightly familiar with C since I'm taking CS50.

I know that I dont have the knowledge to contribute to the OpenMW engine itself, but I'd be more than happy to help out with anything web related. Also, I have contributed to open source projects on Github and I have worked with cohort teams in cloning web applications.

The reason I'd like to contribute is because Morrowind was the first ES game I have ever played and the idea of OpenMW sounds awesome to me. Even though my 5 year old self was truly terrified of the corprus monsters and especially the daedra, I can never stop enjoying the nostalgia and enjoyment of Morrowind and I'd be more than willing to help contribute to the OpenMW project in any way I can.

I learned about OpenMW through Google Search.

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Re: Application: AnnoyingNoob

Post by raevol » 24 Jan 2018, 00:50

Welcome! I'm not sure that we have any web work right now (someone correct me if I am wrong) but please stick around in the community! Something will come up for sure.

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Re: Application: AnnoyingNoob

Post by Thunderforge » 26 Jan 2018, 04:40

Open source projects are always a good way to familiarize yourself with new tools. You might be able to make sweeping changes, but you might find ways to make improvements even with limited C++ skills.

Also, we can always use help with documentation and the Wiki. If you're inclined to help with that, that could be good.

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