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Application Vakath

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 22:14
by Vakath
C++/python developer with background in audio/dsp looking to get some experience with game programming.

Seen a few bugs I'd like to start working on fixing to get me started? What's the best place to start, is there docs to get stuck into or just sorta browse the source code and figure stuff out? :)


Re: Application Vakath

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 22:37
by DestinedToDie
Hello and welcome.

I think we do have some documentation, however it's not complete. ... index.html

If you're looking for where to start, the first step would be to go through the developer checklist. After you're set up, you can try your hand at those bugs. If you've no idea where to start with on fixing a particular bug, feel free to ask and I'm sure a developer will give you a few pointers.

Re: Application Vakath

Posted: 01 Aug 2017, 09:03
by psi29a
Welcome Vakath!