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A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 11 Feb 2016, 21:48
by Atahualpa
Hello everyone,

I'm a 25-year-old student of Electrical Engineering from Germany. Being an admirer of this project and a long-time lurker on these forums, I finally decided to sign up and, hopefully, contribute to your hard work.

While I have some basic experience in coding, I doubt my skills would be of any use in this stage of the project.
But what about your release videos? WeirdSexy has taken a break from video editing, and the community drools over new updates. I consider myself quite a talented writer - in German - so I picked up my rusty school English and started to write a (plain text) script covering versions 0.37.0 and 0.38.0.

After digging through the list of solved issues (224 and 72 respectively - are you serious?!), I found myself writing page after page, creating what I would, literally, call a script. So far, the OpenMW part has been covered. The OpenMW-CS part contains an introduction pointing out the need for manpower to catch up with OpenMW's development, but otherwise remains unwritten. I also wrote a general introduction, mentioning the iterative version numbering and the switch to OSG; a passage referencing related projects (mainly the Game Template project and the Example Suite); a call for donations to Scrawl's Patreon and (ACE's) server support; and some closing remarks.

It is up to you to evaluate
1. if this goes beyond the scope of a single video.
2. if the details given are correct.
3. if there should be additional issues mentioned.
(I included line numbers and referenced each issue I dealt with.)

In addition, I installed some basic audio and video recording software on my computer; a microphone is also at hand. Today I made some recording tests which turned out relatively satisfying.

I'm currently in the middle of my exams, so it may take me a while to finish writing the script, not to mention the recording and editing work. - But I thought I'd share my achievements, so nobody dedicates resources to writing a script from scratch.

Let me know what you think.

--- Atahualpa ---

Plain text script for OpenMW 0.37.0 and 0.38.0
(223.75 KiB) Downloaded 216 times

Re: A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 10:27
by Zini
This is getting complicated. Why are we for months without anyone able to do release videos and then we suddenly have two? The problem here is that Darkelfguy also offered to do a release video (only for 0.38.0 though) and he might have already started with it.

I suggest you throw him a PM and try to coordinate somehow. Maybe one can make a 0.37 video and the other a 0.38 video or something?

Re: A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 13:17
by Atahualpa
I'll contact him asap. - But, didn't he resign from doing these videos because of his overfull time schedule? His last post dates 19 March 2015.

Re: A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 16:25
by Zini
That was a different guy. We got a new video maker.

Re: A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 19:14
by Greendogo
Very nice document Atahualpa. Did you write that in LaTeX?

Re: A first attempt on creating release videos

Posted: 14 Feb 2016, 15:45
by Atahualpa
Thanks, Greendogo. :)

And you're right, the document was created by using LaTeX. It is really helpful if you want to structure and restructure content in such a way so that you don't get lost, while keeping your formatting consistent.