Application: OlCoal

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Application: OlCoal

Post by OlCoal » 04 Dec 2020, 07:37

Hey folks, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I'm a recent Morrowind admirer - played the game through for the first time when lockdowns started - and found it enchanting, and I am inspired by the labor of love that is OpenMW and would love to help. I'm a software engineer with a few years of experience in web-dev-y type stuff, but I've been learning C++ and graphics programming/OpenGL in my off time. Happy to help out where there is a need, but I am particularly interested in graphics work.

I've already gone through the developer checklist, and I've managed to build OpenMW locally on Windows and it seems to start up a new game fine.

Some of the issues tagged `beginner` seem to be a bit stale - are most of them still relevant?

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Re: Application: OlCoal

Post by psi29a » 04 Dec 2020, 11:04

Welcome aboard.

Yeah, have a loo through beginner issues. If you see something that interests you, comment on it and ask if if you could work on that... There are likely other tasks available that don't have a beginner tag that are usually okay to start of with, depends on how deep you wish to go.

OpenMW-CS for example needs some love which is a combination of Qt and OpenGL

If you would like to go more into graphics/rendering then you'll need to focus some effort in reading about OSG (open scene graph) which is our rendering middleware/toolkit.

What direction do you feel you wish to pursue?

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Re: Application: OlCoal

Post by unelsson » 04 Dec 2020, 11:58

Hi there!

There's plenty of possibilities. If you are interested in working with OpenMW-CS, I'd be happy to help you get started. Also, let me quickly introduce a few possible issues related to OpenMW-CS:

Editor: terrain vertex paint editmode
- Big/moderate task, but as terrain vertex paint editmode can use most of the stuff already developed in terrain height editing mode, it is also a way to get to know how OpenMW-CS works. This task is a lot about building widgets with Qt5 and then altering omwgame/omwaddon data structures.

Add support for multi-thread per context in osgQt when using Qt5
- Big/moderate task that I've been working on. This splits into pieces 1) Updating deprecated QGLWidget-based stuff to Qt5's QOpenGLWidget-based stuff. 2) Supporting multi-threding in QOpenGLWidget. See for the QOpenGLWidget-update. I'd really appreciate help on this one, but it's not a minor task.

OpenMW-CS: Gizmo improvements
- Collection of usability improvements. Hard to say how big tasks these are, probably takes a bit of time.

OpenMW-CS: improvements to 3D view navigation
- Yet more usability improvements. Requires considering good UI-design in addition to just coding.

Editor: Pick Terrain Texture
- Moderate task that requires basic interaction between Qt and OSG, and some knowledge of terrain texture mode. It probably doesn't require many lines of code, but it probably requires plenty of code reading, and in that sense it may be a good task to learn Qt-OSG-OpenMWCS stuff.

OpenMW-CS: Improve scene view colors
- Small task to get started! Changing colors, and good suggestions already in the issue.

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Re: Application: OlCoal

Post by OlCoal » 05 Dec 2020, 18:51

Thanks for the welcome! :)

I think I'll take a stab at some openmw-cs work sometime this weekend or early next week! Improving the scene colors seems like an small task that I might take a stab at for starters! And then Pick Terrain also seems like something interesting to tackle once I'm up and running.

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