Application: ampaulg

Join the team. This area is for people who want to participate in OpenMW's development in one way or another.
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Application: ampaulg

Post by ampaulg » 18 May 2019, 04:50

Hey everyone,

I'm a recent grad (and Morrowind fan) who's looking to keep practicing my coding so I'd like to help out.

I've gone through the developer checklist and have gotten OpenMW and the CS building and running on Windows, but am not sure where to start since the current issues marked Beginner seem to already have someone on them. I'm not familiar with game development so I'm not sure what else would be appropriate for someone new. Could someone please point me in a direction to start in?

I've seen mentions around here that the CS is in need of work, so I'd be glad to help out there if I can.


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Re: Application: ampaulg

Post by raevol » 18 May 2019, 06:26

A dev will have to give you some direction, but I wanted to say welcome!

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