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Application: khennessy

Posted: 12 Jun 2018, 23:04
by khennessy

My name is Kevin, I am a professional software engineer in my mid twenties from Dublin, Ireland.

I have been playing Morrowind for the first time recently using OpenMW and I have been really enjoying it. I got interested in contributing to OpenMW when I was playing the game and noticed the rain clipping through the tunnels in Vivec city, spoiling the mood completely. I was curious if there was a mod or fix for that and went down a bit of a rabbit hole and discovered this community. (That particular issue has been taken though, to my dissapointment :) )

I have studed Computer Science up to masters level with a focus on functional languages. I have about 3 years of experience working with large python codebases. My C++ skills are fairly rusty but I'm hoping to improve.

I have been interested in learning a bit about game engines so this project looks ideal. I am hoping that doing a bit of coding in my spare time will benefit me in my career.

Cheers guys!

Re: Application: khennessy

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 08:45
by psi29a
Welcome aboard... you've joined us at an interesting time. :)

You can either dig in to fixing bugs in OpenMW (game engine) or helping with features in OpenMW-CS (getting to know the Qt GUI framework; editor). Anything in particular you would like to focus on? The project is really big so developers tend to specialize in particular areas of the code-base.

Have you got yourself familiar with the developer checklist? ... ion_Wanted

Be warned, our tooling is going through flux, so we also support (and recommend) GitLab but for now the older infrastructure is still online.