Application: Akselmo

Join the team. This area is for people who want to participate in OpenMW's development in one way or another.
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Application: Akselmo

Post by akselmo » 28 Dec 2016, 01:11

Hey all!

I'm a long time Morrowind fan and I've been following this project for some time. Now I want to jump in and help!

I know some C# and I've made games with Unity, Construct2 and Playcanvas engines, so I know the basics of programming. I also like hunting bugs and trying to break games, so I can help with that too. I'm not afraid of learning new languages and tools.
I like to think this as a learning experience for myself, I've always wanted to help an open source project and this seems right up in my alley.

So, anytime I have some extra time on my hands (Uni eats a lot of my time), I'll try to help on things, be it developing or finding bugs.

I hope I will be helpful in some way! :)

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Re: Application: Akselmo

Post by DestinedToDie » 28 Dec 2016, 05:08

Hey there and welcome to the forums. OpenMW is written in C++, so the first step is probably to learn it.

To become a developer, go through the developer checklist. If you're done, have a look at the roadmap and see if there's an issue you'd like to tackle.

Or if you want to find bugs, just enjoy playing Morrowind on OpenMW and report any bugs you find on our bugtracker.

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