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Application: elinfidel

Post by liam1135 » 10 May 2016, 16:15


I've been programming for roughly 5 years in Java, C/C++ and C# and have around 1 year of experience working on bigger projects. So I'm still fairly fresh to stuff on this scale. After a few hours attempting a Windows setup I came to the realization of the futility of it all and opted to dual boot Linux instead. I'm surprised I hadn't years ago.

I've got everything set up and I've spent some time exploring the code base. I've specifically been looking into this bug:

I've managed to hunt down the code playing the sound in this specific case but I'm thinking the issue might be related to order of execution? I'm still trying to understand handleTextKey and who calls it.

Do you guys think this bug is actually a good start, or would there be a better place for me to contribute, it doesn't have to be total beginner stuff but until I feel more comfortable with the code base I figure I should stick with smaller tasks. :D

Liam (elinfidel)

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