Old menu resources

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Old menu resources

Post by Locater16 » 11 Sep 2019, 02:29

Hey hey, I'm an old contributor to OpenMw, helped with that logo you see up above along with, I forget the screename but it was Starwarsguy something something, along with doing what the awesome lysol's position is now.

Anyway, just discovered I still have a few resources that I never uploaded. A pair of 4k menu screen textures so OpenMw can have its own main menu UI, should it be desired. As well as a different version of the logo up above. Feel free to use it however. Mockup image:


Logo: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Air0aLbRXw3N6ym1SZa ... A?e=g2xJc8
Morrowind style menu texture: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Air0aLbRXw3N6yv1Qk8 ... 9?e=qibn14
Tribunal style menu texture: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Air0aLbRXw3N6yqjCKV ... B?e=OpIDT7

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Re: Old menu resources

Post by raevol » 13 Sep 2019, 04:29

Nice, thank you for this! You're not StarDemon are you?

edit: 1drv.ms seems to be down btw...

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Re: Old menu resources

Post by Husaco » 13 Sep 2019, 08:34

Nah, Starwarsguy was an old hand from the modding community, not a programmer (as I recall). I thought it was Starwarsgal at some point too? Either way, it's always nice to see people from way back.

The 1drv.ms shouldn't be down, it's Microsoft's cloud service. I don't have trouble accessing them.

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Re: Old menu resources

Post by Greendogo » 26 Oct 2019, 13:02

Husaco wrote:
13 Sep 2019, 08:34
Starwarsguy was an old hand from the modding community
I remember when Starwarsguy/gal was a greenhorn trying to get ahead in the wild world of modding. My how time doth fly.

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