Social Media Sharing Suggestion

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Social Media Sharing Suggestion

Post by nwahsauce » 29 Aug 2017, 03:58

Hi guys and gals, hopefully this is posted in the proper forum. I've been watching the progress of OpenMW for awhile now, and I'd like to suggest adding social media widgets to your front page articles, or perhaps build releases. If there are accounts already made, make it obvious somewhere to follow them! I registered on your forum just to say this.

I haven't been playing games for the past few months and was shocked to see multiplayer was functioning now!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I wish I had heard about this sooner!

Anyway, if there are any social accounts made for openmw or other similar projects, it may be worth considering automating posts to better communicate with your team/interested parties and potential audience/developers!

For example, the developers of Rust, have a twitter account directly related to their github commits (if that is the right word), and a public trello board to show the processes they are sorting out in a more visually appealing way. That may be a bit overkill, but at the very least, I would again suggest adding share buttons to build releases or general information you'd like to get out there. Convenience goes a long way sometimes.



edit: I just saw you guys have small buttons on the front page for sharing. Oops! Maybe make them bigger, across the top banner? definitely add the same for articles though. Thanks :p

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