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OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 11 Sep 2011, 17:16
by Zini
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With 0.11.1 being under way, its time we get 0.12.0 ready.

I see four mandatory tasks:

1. MWRender refactoring

Done by swick. Still in an early stage. Prerequisite for all further rendering work.

2. Cell Handling

Done by me. Still in an early stage too, but I don't expect major problems. Prerequisite for many things, including support for multiple ESM/P files.

3. Configuration System

Done by lgro. Will require support from platform maintainers for Windows and OS X at some point. WIP. Will allow users to run OpenMW without the need to manually adjust openmw.cfg.
Technically we could release without this feature, but I would prefer to get all configuration problems sorted out now and forever.

4. Physics-related FPS Problem

Done by gus. Mandatory because a significant part of our user base can't use OpenMW in exteriors. This is a bad thing (TM).

And we have some more tasks that I see as optional for 0.12.0:

5. Inventory GUI

Done by akebono. The basic inventory interface is working. But we need at least support for the container interface, including transferring items between inventory and container. And probably some cleanup and a bit of refactoring.

6. Animation

Done by jhooks. Very advanced, but currently not in a state that allows a release. Needs to be build up from the ground again once swick has finished his task (mostly by copy and paste, I guess).
All but clothing/armour rendering can go into 0.12.0 (we don't have the backend ready for clothing and armour yet). The only difference visible to the user will be that NPCs are rendered properly. We can't use animations (e.g. idle or walk) yet. But I could wire up the animation-related script instructions, so Star can demonstrate the animation feature from the console in his video for 0.12.0.

7. Record Writing

Done by lgro. Only just started. Prerequisite for the editor.

8. Editor

Done by pvdk. Still in the planning stage. I don't expect we will release a copy of the editor alongside OpenMW 0.12.0, but that doesn't mean we can't get started with it. The earliest stage at which we can release the editor (with a huge WIP tag) would be a full implementation of loading and saving esp files.

Originally we were promoting 0.12.0 as the GUI release. But most of the people working on GUI tasks have lost interest or went inactive again.
Most users won't notice a difference when it comes to the four mandatory tasks. That means unless we want to have another feature-less release, at least one of the optional tasks (#5 or #6) needs to be completed.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 11 Sep 2011, 21:41
by swick
i'm in Berlin for a week and without internet but I try to spent more time to my task after the week.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 26 Sep 2011, 19:47
by Zini
Status update:

#4 is down. #2 more than half finished. Still little progress on #1 and I haven't seen anything on #3 recently either.

As for the optional tasks, the only one currently making progress is #6 and it looks like we may not get it ready for 0.12. On the other hand gus will start with working on the Journal interface, so we can hope for a bit more progress in the near future.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 18 Oct 2011, 08:38
by Zini
Another little update for those not following the development forum and github closely:

#2 and #4 are down. jhooks has taken over #1, which means we should see progress soon and also #6 should follow closely after.

We didn't have any recent progress with #3, which is the only thing that still somewhat worries me about 0.12.0.

No progress with the other optional tasks, but gus has started to work on the Journal GUI, which means that together with the animations we should have enough to show for 0.12.0.

Assuming we can get work on #3 started again, a 0.12.0 release in the not too distant future should be possible.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 23 Dec 2011, 10:00
by psi29a
Just a heads up, I'll be out for a few weeks (on holiday). No worries, I will be back. I want to see OpenMW succeed. Cheers!

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 13 Jan 2012, 14:20
by Zini

1. Configruation/Directory handling/Packging: Not much done yet, but lgro is on the task again.

2. NPC rendering: looking good. Almost ready. Just needs a bit more clean up.

3. Journal GUI: Basic version almost ready. We can release with the basic version, if needed.

4. MWRender refactoring slowdown: Unsure. We don't even know if it exists. My experiments so far are inconclusive (but I didn't do too much testing yet).

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 17 Jan 2012, 14:01
by Zini
Update: Journal GUI merged into master. One down, three to go.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 17 Jan 2012, 15:47
by Zini
NPC/Creature rendering is in too. Now we only need to wait for the NPC activation problem getting sorted out and we have half of the remaining tasks down.

Unfortunately more tests indicate that the slowdown is real. Still not entirely sure. I am getting enough "random" fps variations, that fps drops caused by an actual slowdown tend to drown in the noise of that.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 28 Jan 2012, 11:54
by Zini
Status update:

The configuration system looks like it will finally come around. Unfortunately I missed that also the launcher has to be modified, but our Qt guy is already on it.

We also found a regression in the character generation, but that is also looked into.

I also need to make some minor adjustments (version numbers and such).

Once these issues are resolved, I would like to ask all the packagers to create a package for internal testing and upload them to their github account. Please make sure to label the files accordingly, so they won't be confused with the public release (I guess an "alpha" label would do the job).

Once these packages are uploaded I would like to ask as many people as possible to test these. We need tests on all 3 major platforms and also on each with MW installed and without MW installed (which will still require manual adjustments to the openmw.cfg file in the user location).

The change in the configuration system is rather substantial and we should make sure that everything works well.

if everything works well, we can have a release immediately afterwards.

Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 11:44
by psi29a
Zini wrote:Once these issues are resolved, I would like to ask all the packagers to create a package for internal testing and upload them to their github account. Please make sure to label the files accordingly, so they won't be confused with the public release (I guess an "alpha" label would do the job).
Will you (or someone) provide an alpha source release or will you give a revision that we can use to base our packages on?