OpenMW 0.12.0

Anything related to PR, release planning and any other non-technical idea how to move the project forward should be discussed here.
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Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Post by ElderTroll » 13 Mar 2012, 14:22

I've uploaded all 0.12.0 files to sourceforge. This week there were 13 downloads of version 0.8.0 :shock: .

In a couple years, when openmw is be approaching complete stability, getting Sourceforge's project of the month will garner us a lot of exposure to fans and some ingenious folks who'll surely add interesting third party modifications. Once we're at a beta stage of development, I'll get us a post on the website And finally, soon I'll be be creating a *gasp* Facebook page.
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Re: OpenMW 0.12.0

Post by raevol » 13 Mar 2012, 18:04

Hehe, I asked around about creating a facebook page a while ago, and no one was very supportive. ;) I think it's a good idea though! Also, did you find that there's not way to redirect the SF download page to our Google download page? To keep it all in one place?

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