publicity versus truth (google openMW multiplayer)

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publicity versus truth (google openMW multiplayer)

Post by silentthief » 13 Nov 2016, 03:29 ... in-openmw/

While I like anything that brings in new devs/bugtesters and interest, I hate the fact that they don't bother to fact-check:
Those unfamiliar with OpenMW should know its a free open-source engine which will allow users to mode the game, create new content, and basically extend the 2002 release.

It comes with its own editor and will support third party programs the original game engine uses.
1st part yes, 2nd no (we do NOT support MGE or MWSE -- for example)

SMH. I feel like we should correct these posts if making claims which are not correct.


at least PCgamer and had it right; ... -progress/ ... and-combat

(by the way, openMW made it into PC GAMER!!!)
At the moment, OpenMW is on its 0.37.0 release, and an FAQ on its site suggests multiplayer won’t be considered before release 1.0, thus full implementation of the above demos is likely a ways away. Nonetheless, cutting about Morrowind with a pal by your side sure is a cool thought.

“There are probably some technical factors about OpenMW that would make it extremely complicated, messy, and painful to implement,” reads a section of the engine’s FAQ. “However, sometime in the future, some sort of co-op feature for OpenMW could be a possibility. OpenMW will probably never support MMO style gameplay.”
even steam makes a mention on multiplayer. apparently its a high selling point.


(edited a couple of times, for clarity)
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Re: publicity versus truth (google openMW multiplayer)

Post by lysol » 13 Nov 2016, 07:17

Before OpenMW, I was happily unaware of how many bad video game journalists there are. After OpenMW, I'm constantly reminded that there are people that actually are getting payed to NOT fact check stuff, even though it's just one google search away. And interviews? Heh, who has time to do interviews?!


But as you say, at least PC Gamer got it right. I still don't get why no one (them included) ever bothers to ask a question to any of the developers. It doesn't even have to be a complete interview, just one question to show that you actually took some time to research you article.

On the other hand, IF they did an interview, it would still probably just end up like this:

Normal mapped texture replacers, exclusive for OpenMW:
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Re: publicity versus truth (google openMW multiplayer)

Post by Atahualpa » 13 Nov 2016, 18:54

Gotta update that FAQ... Soon.

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