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[WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 21:56
by Atahualpa
Hello again,

I recently applied for doing release commentary videos (see viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3361). In my first post, I included a script covering a large part of versions 0.37.0 and 0.38.0.

Since I've never done a video before, I decided to change my plan and tackled version 0.36.0 which is of reasonable size. The result can be seen by following the Dropbox link given below. The video is quite long, and maybe a bit lenghty, too. I'm also unsatisfied with the voice editing and with the overall rendering quality (too many conversion steps, I guess). - But anyway, let me know what you think.

My general idea is to create two subsequent videos covering versions 0.37.0 and 0.38.0 (btw: Has anyone heard something from Darkelfguy?). I internally refer to these as "The Forgotten Release Commentaries" - to make clear that the videos are, at least, delayed.

Ideally, those videos would be ready before version 0.39.0 has been released. If you give me a go-ahead I will do what I can. Please note that I'm currently writing exams, so my schedule is quite full until the end of the next week.

--- Atahualpa ---

Update: The video provided in the Dropbox directory isn't up to date anymore! A more recent version will be uploaded to the OpenMW YouTube channel.

Update 2: Removed the Dropbox link. Added the YouTube link to the final video.

Update 3: Links for the videos:

OpenMW v0.36.0
>>> <<<
OpenMW v0.37.0
>>> <<<

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 22:32
by DestinedToDie
I´m just some random guy and it´s not like my opinion matters or represents the OpenMW team´s opinion, but I´ll express it anyway.

I like your enthusiasm. But there´s just 1 fault, a fault you can´t fix, nor is it actually your fault. The German accent. You´re actually rather clear in the video, but I think ideally we´d want golden English accent for a video that´s in English.

But I don´t think that completely stops you from contributing. Pair your video editing and script writing skills with a voice talent and I think we´d have a really professional OpenMW release video.

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 22:37
by lysol
Impressive, I must say. Good job. And although it's obvious you're not from the UK, Australia or the US, you still have a good english vocabulary IMO. And you have a good voice for doing voice overs.

It was a bit long though, as you say. Maybe a bit too detailed for some people. You did keep me interested through most of it, but I'm probably not your average viewer. Maybe some parts could be left out, but I can't really say which of them. The ultimate length would probably be around 10 minutes I guess, but five minutes is quite a lot to remove.

But – as I said – I think you did a very good job overall.

WierdSexy's voice will always be in a special place in my heart though


Commenting on DestinedToDie's post, I want to point out that the best would of course be to have a english or an american accent in a voice over, BUT! I would much, much rather have a good voice over with a slight non-native accent than a bad voice over with an american accent. And I personally think that Atahualpa fits the description of doing a good voice over although with a german accent.

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 17 Feb 2016, 23:59
by Atahualpa
Thank you for your feedback! :)

@ DestinedToDie: I understand your point that my German accent is quite clear, and if it is consensus among the OpenMW community that we should have a native English speaker to narrate the release commentaries - so be it.

But I have to point out that I'm quite comfortable with doing voice-overs (well, this was the first voice-over I ever made). Moreover, my voice editing could well be improved (another first-timer), as well as my pronunciation, for I haven't used my spoken English in years. This is, of course, just a mitigation of a fundamental problem.

@ lysol: Yes, the video is long. I used it to test out some things and to establish a workflow. But then, I'm also a great fan of OpenMW, and I can imagine myself waiting for a release video and eagerly absorbing every bit of information on this project I can get my hand (or ear?) on. - Just wait until the video for version 0.37.0 comes along. :D

And all hail to WeirdSexy('s voice)!

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 02:56
by ElderTroll

That was a thorough video. I enjoyed watching the resolved bugs which surprised me.

The voiced commentary finished quite a bit before the end of the captured video footage in many segments (especially the editor). You were demonstrating the functionality, but still it could be a little tighter. There's no doubt that you would improve that as you become more experienced with this. You can go back and watch Weirdsexy's first commentary video to see much better he became at producing them.

I felt myself wanting to not finish the video around minute 10 or 11, because of the length. How about for 0.37 separating the engine and Open-CS into two videos? At end of each video there could be a link to the other. You could even say something in the beginning of the video, "This video will be covering changes made to the Openmw engine. We have separate video covering the changes of OpenCS which is linked to in the video description and at the end of this video."

Having a shorter video means people are more likely to finish it and see the donations portion, meaning more people donate, meaning scrawl has more time for working on open source projects, meaning the versions will have more substantial improvements, meaning the video commentaries will be more interesting, meaning a wonderful feedback loop of kickassery.

I don't mind your accent at all. It reflects the international community behind the project. zini and scrawl are both German and probably some other important contributors. Sure, if we can find someone with an American, English, Australian accent... great. But I'd say, release the video as is. Haters gonna hate.

Thanks for making a video.

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 03:03
by Chris
FWIW, I have no issues with an accent either, as long as it's spoken clearly (and to me, a native English speaker, this video is easily understandable).

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 05:56
by Greendogo
There is no problem with your accent. The video was good and we are lucky to have you as we've been without steady release videos for some time and before too long ago they had been staples of an OpenMW release.

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 06:45
by SquireNed
I think that the accent is fine; there may be a couple little things with the accent that come up as issues, but honestly it's better than I (a native English speaker with a cheap mic and a speech impediment) could do.

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 08:00
by nnayo
Well done!
may be a bit too long

I really enjoy the precision of german people

from a french point of view, the accent is rather nice
much better than some USA or english accents

so, keep doing!!!

Re: [WIP] The Forgotten Release Commentaries

Posted: 18 Feb 2016, 09:46
by psi29a
Great work Atahualpa!

I really like the work you put into this. :)