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Windows CI builds

Posted: 04 Oct 2014, 08:19
by psi29a
I just noticed this: It is a CI for .NET and C++ projects

I haven't played with it yet, but bullet uses it in conjunction with github like we do with travis-ci.

It also has hooks for deployment, so the resulting build can be downloaded and tested which is pretty cool.

We can build for: x32 and x64

It is free for opensource projects. Anyone interested? I plan on testing it out first on my own project and if there is interest here, I'll try it here as well.

Now for OSX... apparently we can do that in Travis, I'll try it out when I have time:

Re: Windows CI builds

Posted: 04 Oct 2014, 11:36
by Ace (SWE)
I'd think we'd have to create a prebuild dependency package for OpenMW first though, because Windows isn't known for having an easy way of getting development dependencies.

Re: Windows CI builds

Posted: 04 Oct 2014, 11:52
by psi29a
Good point, but having a pre-built dependency package would also benefit new developers. They wouldn't have to build everything themselves and we would standardize builds.

Re: Windows CI builds

Posted: 04 Oct 2014, 12:02
by corristo
It seems that it's possible to have one .travis.yml for two platforms, cool: ... ad0e1d1227
I'll try to setup OS X CI.

(see my previous post re: this issue: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2065#p22810)

UPD: it seems that we have to request access to multi-OS bilds first: ... available/ *sigh*

UPD 2: just submitted the request.
UPD 3: okay, now we have working OS X build on Travis, cool.