Release and RC file hosting

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Re: Release and RC file hosting

Post by raevol » 12 Sep 2013, 09:04

BrotherBrick wrote:We usually do, but this is about the source tall ball that gets uploaded to the download page. It is inconsistently made and looks unprofessional. The releases from your URL should be the ones used, at least until someone thinks it necessary to work with sub-modules again. :P
Right. I didn't know about that releases page until today, I'll use it in the future. But if I am going to be getting source tarballs from there anyway, do we want to just link to it on our Downloads page? The concern raised on IRC is that apparently the md5 can change randomly on those files? Can we confirm that? Also, can we confirm that it's really that big of a deal?

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Re: Release and RC file hosting

Post by psi29a » 12 Sep 2013, 09:56

Trust your source, but verify. ;)

I trust the releases on github, but it seems odd that the checksums would change.

It is is a good idea just to point people to the github URL from our download page. Saves us an additional step.

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