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Anything related to PR, release planning and any other non-technical idea how to move the project forward should be discussed here.
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Re: OpenMW 0.26.0

Post by cdoublejj » 06 Oct 2013, 03:16

Berandas wrote:I just tested the latest release and found some issues:

while loading new cell, the game jumps to the next to last frame, then to the last frame and then over and over, until it's fully loaded - it's quite unpleasant.
When you swing your weapon and go to the new cell at the same time, the animation freezes when the cell is loaded. Then it returns into normal state if you attack again, or change the camera view.

There are still problems with collision, I was able to climb up some sacks, chairs and stuff like that just by walking towards them. Also in some cases the PC is jumping while turning around near some statics. Also NPCs are jumping while walking into them. (PC does that sometimes too)

There are still some sound issues - when I look up while walking, I can hear my footsteps from my rear speakers, when I'm looking forward, it plays from the center and when I'm looking to the ground, it plays from the front ones, I believe the correct behaviour is that footsteps are played from the center only. Same thing happens for the activation sounds.
Footsteps of some walking NPCs in the cities are terribly loud.

In vanilla MW, when you appeared inside the mesh (for example while using coc), you could just walk or jump out. In OpenMW, PC collides with back faces, so you have to use tcl command to get out of the rocks and stuff like that.

It would be nice to have some "select/deselect all mods" button in the launcher, or perhaps when I select some of the plugins and click the checkbox, it could apply to the selection.
wow some of that sounds pretty serious. what if the physics or something had to totally be redone and then every thing built on top of it had to be re done? does coding even work that way? EDIT: though i think irrilicht does part/most of the physics, does the bug lie with in irrlicht?

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