Testing before 1.0.0

Anything related to PR, release planning and any other non-technical idea how to move the project forward should be discussed here.
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Re: Testing before 1.0.0

Post by sirherrbatka » 26 May 2013, 13:58

A bit offtopic but I'm really impressed by developers. They are doing something that I have almost no idea, and continue to work with such determination. TorbenC even learned C++ coding himself!

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Re: Testing before 1.0.0

Post by Tarius » 26 May 2013, 16:40

Zini wrote: and also having completely given up on TV a while back helps a lot though).
Ah ha! This is one way you can get time. An increasing number of people in the US are giving up tv as well. I havent given up tv completely, but I watch it maybe for only a couple hours a week. Also play console on it.
I am a bigger fan of tons of control rather than taking the "user-friendly" approach.

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Re: Testing before 1.0.0

Post by raevol » 26 May 2013, 22:02

I grew up without TV, and I now have no idea how people have time to watch it...

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Re: Testing before 1.0.0

Post by TorbenC » 27 May 2013, 02:49

I stopped watching TV a few years ago, there is no point because of ads and limited selection (I don't know why these nutcases around me are buying Cable... Wasted money.). If I get an urge to watch a show I go to Project Free TV, no ads getting in the way is a huge plus. Movies I go to Netflix and if it is not there, movie2k.

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