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How to set rig (vanilla skeleton with mesh)

Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 19:57
by MiroslavXO
I already posted on reddit, but didn't get any answers unfortunately.

I'm again trying some workflow for Morroiwid animations. Can anyone provide me Morrowind vanilla skeleton (1 person and 3 person) with meshes attached to it for 3ds Max 2014 version? Like seen in a photo 1 (Skyrim). If you can't send me this file can someone at least explain how to do this by myself?

Photo 1 -

Photo 2 -

I know how to import skeleton (photo 2), but I don't know how to import meshes (nord head, nord arms, nord legs, etc...). When I try to import this .nif files they are not attached to skeleton, they just get imported in the center of the grid.

The goal is to try and transfer some of Skyrims animation and other mocap that I have on my HD to Morrowind by retargeting and fixing the RAW animations, like seen in the clip.
Then send them back to 3ds Max and export to .kf

I already successfully tested Skyrim jump animation to Morrowind and it's working, but it's difficult to work only with skeleton, I need also mesh to be attached to the bones. So basically what I need is "base_anim.nif" and "base_anim.1st.nif" with character full body mesh.

Re: How to set rig (vanilla skeleton with mesh)

Posted: 05 Jan 2020, 20:23
by MiroslavXO
So far I have managed to transfer Skyrim walk forward animation to Morrowind, but the animation is not looping in game.
Does anybody know is there something that I need to "check/uncheck" when exporting to .kf? I did try different options, but nothing is giving me the result I need.

Skyrim walk forward:

Re: How to set rig (vanilla skeleton with mesh)

Posted: 05 Jan 2020, 21:10
by Amenophis
Maybe I can help you. I think the problem is that the engine requires you to define the Start and End of the sequence. Bellow you find a tutorial for Blender and Morrowind. Look at the bottom of the page 5. Maybe you can adapt this to your workflow.

I made this error when was creating a animation replacer for OpenMW. Fortunately Instead of replacing all kf like Morrowind in OpenMW you can replace just specific sequences.

And can you create a tutorial how to rig the animation like you did?

Re: How to set rig (vanilla skeleton with mesh)

Posted: 06 Jan 2020, 11:50
by MiroslavXO
I did find that tutorial but the workflow it's kinda outdated (very difficult to animate directly on bones), also I know very little about 3ds Max and barely anything about Blender.

I uploaded a new video, and if anyone can help me sending this new animations into a game so they work properly, contact me.