Starting my first openmw run

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Starting my first openmw run

Post by Frin » 13 Oct 2019, 12:05

I'm starting my first run with openmw. I have to admit, I was surprised that the project is such in an advanced state! My understanding is that the game can be played from start to finish, yes?

Anyway I'm playing with just a bunch of mods, so I'll report on their current state, since some are marked as "need retesting" or broken on the wiki.
Running with:

1) Antares big mod 7.63 (the wiki only mentions 5.x).
2) Indybank 2.3
3) Graphic herbalism
4) More detailed places
5) Better bodies
6) Emma's laura craft
7) Emma's witchgirl

For now I can report the game starts and runs :D openmw.log shows a script warning about an 'if' condition without the corresponding endif, I _think_ it comes from the antares mod but i'm not sure.

Later on the run, after I test these mods work, I'm planning to add two modules:
1) The farmer mod 4.3 ( so that i can own land and farm
2) The Erengard mines mod ( so I can own mines
(Yes, my Nervarine is a big fan of capitalism, but he likes to give back to the community once he becomes filthy rich :P). Jokes apart, I do like economics mods a lot.

Well, time to get my Breton out of Sedya Neen now. There should be a mage dropping down somewhere, i wonder if it's implemented in openmw too!

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