Inclusion of android port to F-Droid

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Re: Inclusion of android port to F-Droid

Post by xyzz » 30 Dec 2018, 20:50

Black wrote:
29 Dec 2018, 18:54
xyzz wrote:
24 Dec 2018, 02:26
In its current state the port won't get accepted to f-droid because I'm using "android" branch of my repo for openmw clone, the issue is that the repo can be updated at any time so there's no build reproducibility. Every other dependency is fixed to a specific version though, and cryptographically verified :). So the maintainers need to decide whether they want to stick with a specific openmw release. Oh, another issue is that the build takes forever and eats tons of RAM, so to build Android releases (with LTO and arm/aarch64/x86/x86-64 support) I temporarily rent a c5.18xlarge (72 cores, 144 GB ram) from ec2.
Well, right now the metadata would only build one release, since there is not much activity. For main repo, the metadata points to a specific commit (the one where you removed the leftover binaries), auto-update mode is disabled, so if there will be more releases I'll manually write according metadata with patches to ensure it builds. As for your openmw repo - I can also apply a patch from metadata to clone a specific commit instead (if there would be a need for future versions). For build times - it builds just fine, takes around 30 minutes on my home computer (ryzen 1500x, 16 gb of ram).
I've now fixed the problem with it not being tied to openmw commit. I'm not sure how you're building it, but releases are supposed to be built with the ./ script. It's great if it only takes 30 minutes though.

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Re: Inclusion of android port to F-Droid

Post by darkbasic » 10 Mar 2019, 12:15

I think that adding it to F-Droid would be an awesome idea: software should be easily accessible, whatever is being actively developed or not.

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