We love Zini!

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by corristo » 08 Feb 2012, 07:44

thanks Zini!

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by raevol » 08 Feb 2012, 08:55

Big up Zini, you da best. :)

Aside from all the other awesome that you bring, thanks for also bringing a consistent work ethic to the project. I really feel like someone is carefully guiding this project, instead of just checking in every now and then to see what has transpired. Go Zini! Go OpenMW!

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by hircine » 08 Feb 2012, 10:13

Thanks for taking over the reigns & keeping this project alive :)

Zini for prez?

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by Yacoby » 08 Feb 2012, 11:39

Kudos for doing a great job

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by Greendogo » 08 Feb 2012, 12:26

Go to hell Zini, you're a sonofabitch!!! ;)
Or rather, yes, thanks for pulling the project back from the brink of death Zini!!! Each of us owes you a big ass THANK YOU ZINI-EL-FANTASTICO!!!

Keep up the hard work!

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by safferli » 10 Feb 2012, 21:07

As a non-coder, most of the talk here is greek to me. But still, even I can clearly see the great helping hand Zini leads to the project. Always organising, and always encouraging and helping all members fulfill their full potential. Zini da man!

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by ElderTroll » 20 Mar 2012, 05:25

When you said you wanted 0.13.0 out in under a couple months, I was hopeful but skeptical. You are doing an awesome job steering the project and making decisions on what is release dependent and release optional.
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Re: We love Zini!

Post by mate » 22 May 2012, 02:33

Hey Zini, you're great

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by ap0 » 22 May 2012, 09:13

Our last week in review talk about what zini is doing, and why it's awesome :)

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