We love Zini!

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We love Zini!

Post by psi29a » 07 Feb 2012, 10:24

This is the thread to let Zini know how much his efforts in the OpenMW project means to everyone. Zini has been a constant cornerstone to the project and has proven to be a pragmatic and diligent project manager and leader.

While we know the communication overhead aspect of being 'leader' can kill the 'fun' in working on the project, you sir, have given us purpose and focus. OpenMW has bounced back and I'm glad to see that you have things well in hand.

So cheers to you Zini, for being awesome!


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Re: We love Zini!

Post by werdanith » 07 Feb 2012, 10:29

My name is werdanith and I approve this message.

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by sirherrbatka » 07 Feb 2012, 10:54

I need to say that I have a great respect for you zini. You are an incredible leader, developer and mentor.

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by pvdk » 07 Feb 2012, 11:03

I too have great admiration for our dear project Leader Zini. For example the inline execution code he writes is like poetry. I post this message out of my own free will and was not forced to do so at all by sir herrbatka.

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by Zini » 07 Feb 2012, 11:25

Well, thank you, everyone. It's nice to occasional hear that all my effort and pain are so highly appreciated.

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by lgromanowski » 07 Feb 2012, 18:45

I fully agree with others. Keep up the good work! :)
best regards,

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by gus » 07 Feb 2012, 19:06

Same here! I've been in some others project, and you are by very far the best project leader i've ever seen ;)

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Re: We love Zini!

Post by ElderTroll » 07 Feb 2012, 19:24

Yeah you've been very helpful when I have questions. Thank you for your work.
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Re: We love Zini!

Post by swick » 07 Feb 2012, 19:30


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Re: We love Zini!

Post by trikorder » 07 Feb 2012, 20:25

Even as a reader this is quite clear! Good luck!

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