Alternative to OSG animations

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Alternative to OSG animations

Post by Azley » 15 Feb 2018, 10:32

I can see a lot of the OpenMW team's intent sort of transcends just being a way to play Morrowind alone. In that there is the potential for a new non-bethesda based asset library... which can basically manifest today. This opens the door for total conversion mods that really do set the project free from encroaching onto copyrighted space.

Hah, how that is possible is unknown to me... but that's cool all the same.

The only set back is that .osg doesn't support it's own animations. You can use .osg meshes at this point in engine (and along side .nif files I'm assuming).... but those are limited to static meshes.

I've read through some of the more recent updates and watched through all the recent videos. It seems the team is already looking to go beyond morrowind's original incarnation and provide some very modern features. The lighting system and distant land... even using alternative containers for mesh data.

This is my suggestion: If there is someone with the technical know how to see how animation data is stored and utilized by the OpenMW engine... as I assume someone would have to know. Then couldn't a new animation data filetype be devised.
(edit: secondary suggestion... making it possible to use standalone segmented animations... instead of beth's approach for the everything in one file?)

If you aren't running bethesdas code... then someone has already reversed engineered how to read the animation data and make it function in game... with that knowledge wouldn't it be easy to create a .bin or even just straight .txt file to store the data?

I'm eagerly awaiting for the big 1.0 release, because that means I can do what I'm most excited about... a total conversion mod... I was actually cracking away at the basics of one, but when it came to getting the characters in I ran into that wall... can't animate them lol.

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Re: Alternative to OSG animations

Post by CMAugust » 15 Feb 2018, 12:35

I too am eager to see OpenMW champion a modern asset framework and set a new standard for mod creation. If you're interested, there's been some discussion of possible ideas and implementation in topics such as this one.

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