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Belt-hanging lights?

Posted: 29 Dec 2017, 02:35
by Cammera
Not sure if this is the right board to do it at all, so sorry if one of the others is better to ask this.
My question is, would it be hard to make a mod (In openMW's format or not) that adds the posibility to hang lights from one's belt, as I've seen in a few skyrim videos? I remember a very long time ago I had the idea of summoning a tiny, invisible, unkillable, flying and very fast NPC with a torch as a constant effect on equiping a special belt, but have no idea if there's not a more direct approach available in OpenMW-- creating a new equipment slot for belt lamps for example.

Re: Belt-hanging lights?

Posted: 05 Feb 2018, 18:16
by akortunov
You can add a hidden light source item (without CanCarry flag) to NPC. Or just add a constant Light magic effect with desired magnitude to NPC.