Two bug reports on reddit

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Re: Two bug reports on reddit

Post by akortunov » 13 Dec 2017, 06:19

As for me, adding birth bonuses to base stats is just a hack to workaround bug with Restore attribute effects (they restore only to base attribute value, even if the player has buffs). Bethesda did not bother to fix this bug, so it is an obvious solution to prevent Lady and Steed from being totally useless.

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Re: Two bug reports on reddit

Post by kuyondo » 09 Aug 2018, 07:55

Post 1.0 we could introduce a new spell type to ameliorate this issue. right now, we have ability, spell, disease, power.

So my idea is to create a new spell type, for example, "talent" ( or whatever ), and this spell type will behave differently from the previously mentioned spell types. for instance, talents must be "constant effects" that directly(permanently) affects the attributes or skills.
When I said constant effect, I meant permanent effect which doesnt behave like a fortify attribute and still allow abilities and skills to bypass the 100 cap. Other than removing it through scripts or console. My idea is far from ideal, but if someone wants to refine it, or has a better solution to offer, we're open.

Not only will this extend modding potential, it would also allow modders to replicate vanilla birthsign behavior.

Re-discovered this thread so might as well give some thoughts again.

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