Rediscovering the magic

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Rediscovering the magic

Post by BeeTLeBeTHLeHeM » 16 Aug 2017, 18:40

Hi everyone.

I love Morrowind. Since the first time I started the game sometime in the early 2000s, I stared at the sky and the passing clouds, astonished. I have travelled across the island walking, jumping, flying, swimming. I decided to not follow the quests and to execute a complete trip around the coast of Vvardenfell. The full spirit of adventure and exploration. I don't know why, but the following TES games maps seem so small compared to Morrowind. I think it is a question of variety within the environments.

Anyway, I continued played Morrowind and I followed the OpenMW development for quite a time. Until the 0.42.0 release, I thought - why not? - and I gave a try. And the magic is still there. The engine is flawless - not perfect (it isn't 1.0 after all) but it's very promising.

Furthermore... Morrowind was the game that got me the modding-sickness. Mods over mods. Ton of mods. I crawled hundred of pages on planetelderscrolls, an infinite quest. And now the sickness is back. After seeing the state of the project, I started tinkering, downloading, trying and discarding mods.

Actually I'm playing with 98 mods. And I have only minor glitches, no CTD, no gamebreaking bugs. Performance is OK (I haven't a strong PC: Core Duo 2.93Ghz/8Gb RAM/GTX 650 2Gb). Game is playable. I am deeply satisfied. Even if there are mods still not compatible with OpenMW that I would want to install.

I believe that 98 is a good number, isn't it?

So I thank you, for this project, and your dedication, and the love of the community for this game.
Regarding the TES series, OpenMW shares the top with Daggerfall Unity. You're awesome.

And to complete this rant, this is the list of mods I have installed. My temporary definitive collection.
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Re: Rediscovering the magic

Post by Thunderforge » 30 Aug 2017, 04:42

It looks like a couple of your mods are not on the compatibility lists for the wiki. Would you consider adding them?

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