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OSGT object import experience

Post by Nomadic1 » 23 Jun 2017, 01:46

I thought I'd give modelling a shot, and using the OSGT format instead of NIF. Originally I had trouble getting the textures to export, then getting them to display, then getting the object to appear in the scene. This thread was originally me asking for help getting the texture to display, but then I saw the obvious issue I had and I got it working in the end.

But I can suggest a few usability improvements for the CS as far as I've seen (latest current release version). I'm well aware that there are features that have yet to be added (like I'm guessing displaying the list of instances in the displayed cell?) so I'm only mentioning things which impact on what's already there.
  • It would be better if we could preview from 'Assets > Meshes' instead of having to create an object and attach the mesh to preview it.
  • The zooming in for small objects is a bit clunky and zooms in / out too much. For larger objects it works fine as is.
  • By default when attaching the mesh to an object, you have to type the name into a very narrow text field. Yes you can widen the column and as you start typing the number of options reduces, but an optional file open dialogue might be preferable to some people. Or as you start typing in the field, it can spill out to the side so you can see the names of the meshes regardless of how wide the column is. As it stands it is a little awkward to use.
  • When you open the user settings box, the list down the left side doesn't start wide enough to read the full text. Okay, you can resize it... except that it opens at a maximum possible width and you can't make it wider. You need to either select it or scroll horizontally to read the text. This is on WIndows 10.
  • Add an 'About' dialogue just so we can see the version number of the CS. I wanted to look it up but I have to look outside the program to find out which version it is?
  • Add an option to open the CS maximised by default.

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