A few notes on openmw

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Re: A few notes on openmw

Post by psi29a » 19 Sep 2016, 08:14

Scrawl came in with a fix at the end of that PR. https://github.com/OpenMW/openmw/commit ... 90b2c08b05

not sure if relevant

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Re: A few notes on openmw

Post by Allofich » 19 Sep 2016, 08:16

That was something else. I hadn't accounted for the change in camera distance when you go into third person, so the activation range (range at which you can press the use key and use an object) was messed up in third person for a little while until that fix was made.

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Re: A few notes on openmw

Post by Atahualpa » 19 Sep 2016, 14:59

Allofich wrote:I don't think that any of the changes I made would have had an effect on what the poster is talking about. I didn't change anything about how telekinesis interacts with treasure chests. This will need to be added in as something new.
That is what I meant. You worked on the activator issues, I talk about container issues. :)

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Re: A few notes on openmw Rise of the House of Telvanni banner fix.

Post by SchvanysEpitome » 06 Nov 2017, 02:23

For the RoTH telvanni mod and the Warning: Objects::playAnimationGroup: Unable to find roht_mg_aldruhntelvbanner. You can just use openmw-cs to open the roth.esm file. Mechanics->Scripts-> RoHT_MG_BalmoraTelvSign_Script AND RoHT_MG_AldruhnTelvSign_Script edit these two files. For both, delete this part

Code: Select all

; begin slightly edited Morrowind OutsideBanner Script
; this script is for a banner object outside that animates in the wind. 
; Idle is still, Idle2 is a little breeze, and Idle3 is a large breeze

if ( MenuMode == 0 )

		set ran to random 100

		if ( ran < 30 )											; 30% chance the flag does something new
		;this will check the weather in the future
				if ( GetCurrentWeather >= 5 )				; thunder, ash, or blight
						if ( GetCurrentWeather != 8 )		; not snow (added for Bloodmoon)
								LoopGroup, Idle3, 5
				;the last anim called in this script is the one it will play
				if ( ran <= 10 )
						PlayGroup, Idle
				elseif ( GetCurrentWeather < 5 ) 
						PlayGroup, Idle2 
				elseif ( GetCurrentWeather == 8 )			;snow (added for Bloodmoon) 
						PlayGroup, Idle2 
; end original OutsideBanner Script
Save and you are done.

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