OpenGEX as .Nif alternative for OpenMW

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Re: OpenGEX as .Nif alternative for OpenMW

Post by Lamoot » 03 Sep 2017, 12:41

scrawl wrote:
02 Sep 2017, 10:10
Another issue is providing a separate collision mesh. We could use a separate file for that or use tags in the visual file to denote a mesh as a collision mesh. Aside from collision meshes it would be nice to support shapes (e.g. MultiSphereShape) because they're much faster to process than triangle meshes. I believe bullet's btWorldImporter has a file format but I haven't really looked into how usable it is.
Workflow-wise, it sounds simpler creating and defining the visual-collision mesh pair in 3d app compared to exporting them separately and combining afterwards. And it avoids doubling the number of files for mesh assets, which a project can have a lot (as seen already in that editor thread).

Blender uses Bullet physics as well, and meshes with physics settings could be taken into account at export and tagged for collision. On the editor end, preview of the asset with its collision is then all that's needed.

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