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Re: My Sadrith Mora inpsection

Posted: 11 Oct 2016, 22:41
by Orven
Hi there.

I just want to report, that I have similar issue, however I didn't check it with such soffisticated ways (simply don't know how). My observation is that, when I'm in Sadrith Mora my FPS tends to deamatically drop, but - this is depended of the direction I'm looking and where I'm in the city. It also started to happen after some time of play. I've recently started new character with Telvanni House in mind, so she went to Sadrith Mora right after Seyda Neen events. She has no problems with walking around the city - no noticable (lags) fps drops.

Re: My Sadrith Mora inpsection

Posted: 01 Aug 2017, 21:51
by Bonehurtingjuice
i7 4x2.00GHZ, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD 6650M 1GB

My machine is almost a decade old, but it can run High-Res Skyrim fluently over 30 fps, and I have the exact same issue in Sadrith Mora. Anywhere around the market my FPS drops to an abysmal 3-6.

I will try disabling the guards though, thanks to OP for this temporary solution! :)

Re: My Sadrith Mora inpsection

Posted: 01 Aug 2017, 22:21
by raevol
@Bonejurtingjuice, try 0.42.0, which is less that minutes old, and see if it helps?