Crashes, the Dreaded Crashes

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Crashes, the Dreaded Crashes

Post by PrimordialBronze » 26 May 2016, 22:19

Playing OpenMW is a wonderful breath of fresh air. When playing I have to either go to menu or inventory before hitting the windows button to look up misc. lore, game mechanics and what have you. Now if one doesn't hit "Esc" or "Right Click" the game will usually crash, not always mind you. When it does crash my laptop informs me to the effect of "graphics display card failed".
There were 3 other separate occasions while playing in game it crashed on me. Was traveling doing a couple quests when out of the dysfunctional game engine known as Morrrowind crashed. That said this is by far my best experience ever playing Morrowind not having to save a every couple of minutes or when you start to get the feeling and you save only moments later to crash as you thank the Aedra and Daedra alike. Cheers to the best fix of Morrowind, OpenMW.

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