bug: 62 fps with vsync on when looking straight up, down

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bug: 62 fps with vsync on when looking straight up, down

Post by gblues » 20 Jan 2016, 06:39

CPU: Intel i5 4670K, 3.4Ghz OC to ~4.2 Ghz
GPU: nVidia GTX 980ti

OpenMW version: 0.37

It looks like the draw calls go nuts under certain circumstances:

- vsync must be on
- FOV needs to be higher than 32
- Look straight up or straight down (does not always require this extreme, but this is the easiest way to reproduce)

When looking at the horizon:
- Cull: 1.5-1.8
- Draw: 1.5-1.9
- GPU: 2.75
- FPS: ~60 (monitor is like 59.98 so it usually bounces between 59/60, about what you'd expect)

When looking straight up:
- Cull: 0.85
- Draw: 7.8-10+
- GPU: 0.5
- FPS: 62.8-62.9

It's noticeable in gameplay, where you'll be looking around for cliff racers or looking down for flora and whatnot, and the FPS will get juddery due to the odd framerate.

- water shader on/off has no effect
- aniso 0x-16x has no effect
- draw distance short/far has no effect
- FOV 32 or lower results in normal behavior
- turning off vsync obviously does the job but introduces tearing, which is why I want vsync on in the first place. :P

BTW big win in getting 60fps in the inventory. That's something vanilla never accomplished.

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