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Re: Benchmarks / Hardware Specs

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 18:34
by Xenuria
I have built a baseline OpenMW experience such that frame rate and stability data can be gathered. The only mods used are listed in the reproduction steps in order of their implementation. Getting OpenMW to behave with 2 installs of Morrowind was a nightmare so I changed the location of my old one and pointed the OpenMW Launcher to the new one. Only problems encountered were save game related which were easily resolved.

Reproduction Steps
Clean GoG Morrowind Install
Clean OpenMW Latest Build
Tamriel_data & Tamriel Rebuilt

Correct Uv Rocks
Morrowind Optimization Patch
Project Atlas
Divine Vivec

Hardware Specs
I under-clock my CPU due to damage to Heat sink and pins, I'm going to save up money next year for a new setup. I am going to eventually try and buy this because of the CPU and the sturdy silence of it's heat sink. I don't anticipate a meaningful improvement in framerate however for OpenMW I could be wrong.

OpenMW Settings Used

Videos 4K 60fps cap (youtube hates Nvidia Shadowplay so processing might take some time) Shadows in use, looks alright.
In scenes where the physics engine isn't the bottleneck the main bottleneck becomes cull, draw and GPU. The optimization of meshes and the absence of mainline mods or addons results in a decent framerate. The ideal is still 60 fps while spinning in a circle with 1-2 grids loaded and a good view distance. I have been able to get closer to that ideal by positioning myself in areas where the bullet sub system hasn't hamstrung the frame rate. There is still an issue of overall efficiency that seems to be holding this project back from something unprecedented.

Re: Benchmarks / Hardware Specs

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 00:29
by lysol
Some intersting links regarding the physics: – Akortunov has tested running bullet in multithreaded mode, with better performance but also with crashes as a result. – A quite new guy, Stomy, is actually trying to make his own collision system from scratch to replace bullet's collision system. If he succeeds, it could be very useful. Bullet will still be used for other things like animation however.

Re: Benchmarks / Hardware Specs

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 00:45
by AnyOldName3
I don't think Bullet is used for animation at all. It might end up used for physics objects (e.g. rollable cabbages) when we start supporting later games, though.

Re: Benchmarks / Hardware Specs

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 08:16
by lysol
Hmm, then I'm remembering incorrectly. Thanks.