That enthusiastic voice!

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That enthusiastic voice!

Post by DestinedToDie » 02 Nov 2015, 21:01

So I was checking out earlier OpenMW Youtube videos and the very first two have someone other than WeirdSexy. ... B07EA46A9E

Listen to that voice. Sure, he doesn't have a smooth radio voice, but what enthusiasm! I'm wondering who it is and if he's still active in the OpenMW scene?

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Re: That enthusiastic voice!

Post by K0kt409P » 02 Nov 2015, 21:27

That's Star-Demon. He's not been around since 2012, sadly.

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Re: That enthusiastic voice!

Post by lysol » 03 Nov 2015, 07:11

Personally I prefer Weird's voice. It's kinda perfect. :)
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Re: That enthusiastic voice!

Post by Okulo » 03 Nov 2015, 14:38

WeirdSexy is a bit more professional, which makes the occasional outburst ("SPEARS!") all the funnier. But Star-Demon enthusiasm was infectious, and though it doesn't feel "professional" or "official", it really did fit with the stage that OpenMW was at in those days: lots of changes you could immediately notice - like a friend telling you: "Hey, check this shit out! It's amazing!"

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