Set conjuration (dis-)appear effect for a custom creature?

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Set conjuration (dis-)appear effect for a custom creature?

Post by asmo » 14 Sep 2015, 16:53


I need to play a creature conjuration effect for a custom creature I made. Is there a way to do that? Where is it set which effect uses which animation file? And how can that be applied?

The most flexible thing I can imagine would be something like doing this in a script

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[oID]->PlayAnim <path>
and if you feel bored, GetAnimDone might be nice here and there but "just" playing an animation would be great. ;)

Then, maybe there could be a column in creatures (objects view/setting) that reads like "appearance effect" and "disappearance effect". But this might be a bit specific.

Hm, maybe it could be possible to add/customise effects by setting not only sound but an animation - like the bright yellow light/steam coming from the ground when you summon a creature.
This wouldn't be just nice for creatures. Think of opening chest and lockers, carnivorous plants, floating weapons and vibrating armory... Maybe this can all be done yet but you need to be skilled in 3D animation to create new NIF-files.

IIRR there is a mod that changes animations but maybe it is only changing it by overwriting animation files for spell casting effects.

I'm looking forward to read your of your ideas!
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