How does openmw handle leveled lists?

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How does openmw handle leveled lists?

Post by claudekennilol » 17 Dec 2014, 15:55

Does openmw need an outside utility to merge leveled lists or does it do what vanilla does and only take the last changes?

If not, are there plans to implement such a feature?

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Re: How does openmw handle leveled lists?

Post by scrawl » 17 Dec 2014, 16:13

OpenMW does not merge leveled lists (or any other lists for that matter, e.g. pathgrids, spell lists, etc.). Doing so cleanly is not possible, because the ESM format does not specify which list items were added, changed or deleted; it simply includes the whole list for each file that does something with that list.
For a future iteration of the file format, we could eventually include this info, and then merge lists during runtime (for files that were created in this format in OpenCS, anyway).
Until then, IMO it should remain the job of external tools, since all merging techniques will be inherently flawed in some way.

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Re: How does openmw handle leveled lists?

Post by Zobator » 07 May 2016, 19:42

It has been 507 days since this topic. Have opinions changed since then or never gonna happen?

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Re: How does openmw handle leveled lists?

Post by Cramal » 08 May 2016, 04:15

This kind of change is not required for achieving the 1.0 goal and risk to need a big change in some codes very deep, so it will most probably wait until 1.0 is released.

And, as for any modification that is not directly related to the recreation of a vanilla behavior, the final implementation depend of the exitence of a skilled developped motivated and dedicated to work on this optionnal feature

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Re: How does openmw handle leveled lists?

Post by SquireNed » 08 May 2016, 04:50

That said, I'd imagine that this change is likely going to be integrated eventually, as the absurd leveled list system is the sort of thing that I find terribly shortsighted from a design perspective (alas, I've seen modern games, like Endless Sky, also use overwriting lists).

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