version 0.32 savegame problem with buggy mod

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Re: version 0.32 not working with "adv. herbalism" mod

Post by Tinker » 22 Sep 2014, 09:43

The only email I have found is 10 years old, but I still check some accounts from 15 years ago so there is hope. I have also found a second script error, jjs_herb_ashyam1 gives an insane amount of exp. for harvesting, 3 levels each harvest.
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Re: version 0.32 savegame problem with buggy mod

Post by asmo » 21 Apr 2018, 16:31

Was there any progress in the mean time?

Regarding the probem(s), I guess that Andoreth edited the plugin with a hex editor to make things possible. I'm not speaking of variable declaration/definition here.
There is a patch from 2010 ( ... ?tab=files ) which is - compared to when MW was released - quite new. I can not test it in the near future.

Tinker, if you're still around, was it possible to contact Andoreth?

I wrote Morten79 - the guy which uploaded the mod to NexusMods - if he knows a way to contact Andoreth. I guess he asked for permission to upload the mod. I'll report back if I get a reply.
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