Thank you for making this!

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Thank you for making this!

Post by DreamBliss » 20 Feb 2020, 15:14

Wow! OK, so I just installed and ran Vanilla Morrowind for the first time in nearly two decades if memory serves, and it was fun revisiting my old haunts and mods (Amaya Lodge.)

I just installed OpenMW after finding out it would not alter Morrowind. I wanted to keep both. But what a difference! Playing OpenMW, going through the beginning again, it was like when I first installed and played Morrowind all those years ago, that same feeling. It is very strange. I mean it is still the same game - haven't even tried graphic improvements yet. But everything is so sharp and clear - a world of difference from Morrowind. Running better in interior cells too. Exterior... Well I am on old hardware so I may have to turn some graphics stuff off.

Anyhow I want to give a shout out to the folks who made OpenMW. GOOD JOB EVERYONE! I am looking forward to playing the game again and modding for it. I mean I was before, sure. But I am actually excited now. Thank you!
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