Want to try learning OGRE

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Want to try learning OGRE

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 21:55

Star-Demon wrote: So - I've once again started an attempt to learn ogre - but unfortunately most tutorials give you lots of packaged stuff that isn't working out or showing me what I need to see.

What I really would like is some kind of tutorial that tells you what you need to do just by opening up MSVC and hitting "empty project".

this looks really good:
http://www.ogre3d.org/forums/viewtopic. ... 2&p=418904

But Cmake throws a fit and I can't get it to make a project because no one ever updates their IDE.

It's frustrating that picking up OGRE has always met with failure. I really want to succeed this time, at least being able to use the classes I've been making for so long to actually work.

So if anyone has any suggestions for things I should look out for, or any personal stories about learning this or starting from scratch, feel free to share.
Zini wrote: The first link gus gave you looks rather good. I guess. No idea about MSVC really. If you are only doing some experimentation for yourself and you want to use an IDE then using cmake is a bad idea. It only makes everything more complicated.

I am not so sure about the second link. Looks a bit too complicated for an OGRE beginner.
Star-Demon wrote: I've been pouring over those pages for a while. I like the new ones, but I get a missing ogremain_d.dll error when I try to build it.

The setup page works, though, but it's also dependent on using the tutorial framework, which doesn't teach me anything about starting my own. I'd have to structure everything around the tutorial's code.

Lots of these have so many items that re added and so much packaged that it doesn't give you any practical experience to build on - it doesn't even show you what the training wheels you're on actually are.

I'll have to just take it slow. I can't expect to pick it up as easily as I did XNA.
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